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Welcome to Modern Studios, where we make awesome look easy! We are a full-service creative agency, based in Tucson, AZ. Here, we bring sophisticated production combined with marketing expertise...in a positive, collaborative environment...to a worldwide market.

Our focus is on YOU. Modern Studios handles the full range of your needs: from brand strategy to content production, to media placement and reporting, all under one roof. We are focused on delivering truly synergistic branding and marketing campaigns across all media platforms. YOU are awesome! Time to show the world.

But wait - there's more! Slated for completion in 2019, Modern Studios will launch a state-of-the-art facility boasting an astounding ~12,000 square feet, filled with all the latest and greatest modern production equipment. Experience ~7,000 combined square feet of production studio space including 19-foot ceilings, roll-up doors, and a cyclorama infinity screen for seamless backgrounds — perfect for those large-scale shoots!

focusing on you!


Our experts in creative and media build campaigns that position you to dominate your category. Grow share and brand awareness. Support and nurture a healthy, vibrant business.

A fresh, modern approach to your brand and your media will drive results. Messages with meaning. Placements with purpose. Efficiencies you feel good about. Campaigns that span digital and traditional screens...designed to reach and motivate your target audience to know you...to connect with you...to do business with you.

Discover expertise in:

  • Creative development
  • Media planning / Media buying
  • Brand strategies
  • Cross-platform strategies
  • Campaigns that reflect your organization's values and personality
  • Target audience savvy media mix
  • Post analysis and best practices development
  • Media campaigns that optimize best results over time
  • A creative strategy that is synergistic with the media strategy
turbocharge your campaigns


  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Development
  • Media Planning
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Photography
  • Video Productio
  • Post Production
  • VFX & 3D
  • Audio Recording
  • Slow Motion
  • Media Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Media Buying
  • Web Design
  • Copywriting
  • Event Rentals
  • Audio Production
  • Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Audio Mixing
  • 360ยบ Video
  • Green Screen
  • Car Filming Crane
all of this awesomeness under one roof

Motion Control

In the film and Television industry, this has come to mean a field of filming where the camera movement is controlled by a computer so that the motion of the camera, in the studio or on location, can be repeated again and again, for the generation of special effects.

It is essentially a camera robot, but in the industry, these technical pieces of machinery are referred to using the more creative-sounding term "motion control rigs".

At Modern Studios, we have 2 cinebots: BOLT named Bert for high speed and a MILO for high accuracy named Tarz.

bert tarz

Used more than any other motion control rig in the world, the Milo's versatility, portability, and high accuracy makes it the ideal choice for live action shooting and macro tabletop work. With a resume of over 200 feature films and counting.

Max Reach
Max Lens Height
Min Lens Height
Number of Axis
Track Speed

The Bolt High-Speed Cinebot is the fastest of its kind - capturing images in crisp focus that would be impossible by hand or any other method. The Bolt adds an entirely new perspective to filming - whether shooting commercials, tabletop work, film or television.

Max Reach
Max Height
Number of Axis
Speed at Camera
Track Speed
bert tarz



Laura Levin

CEO / Founder, Modern Studios

Julie Davey

President, Media & Marketing

Eric Larsen

General Manager, Modern Studios

Carlie Larsen, CPA

CFO, Modern Studios

Nick Lavery

Media Conversion Technician, Modern Reflections

Zack Levin

Sound Engineer, Modern Studios

Ray Cleveland

Web Developer, Modern Studios

Emmanuel Joubeaud

Artistic Director, Modern Studios

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