Studio 1

Total area of Studio 1 is 4,500 sf (420m2) and has enough space for sets, props, and crew. The ceiling height is 19 ft high and 16 ft to the grid. All 26 bicolor LED lights of the studio are from DMG Lumière by Rosco. The cyclorama is 1,760 sf (163m2) with a 44 ft wide by 40 ft deep stage area. Full infinity curve on three sides as standard. The studio can be draped black or painted upon request.

Studio 2

Total area of Studio 2 is 2,000 sf (185m2). The ceiling height is 21 ft and 16 ft to the grid. All 20 bicolor LED lights of the studio are from DMG Lumière by Rosco. The cyclorama is 725 sf (67m2) with a 29 ft wide by 25 ft deep stage area. Full infinity curve on three sides as standard. The studio can painted upon request.

Dressing & Make-up

The studio offers a dressing room with a full bathroom, and 4 professional make-up mirrors by GlassMak with DMG Lumière Bicolor LED lighting to match the lights of the studio.

Editing Suite

The suite is equipped with an iMac pro, 32" Dell screen, 60 TB raid, Sony 65 OLED TV, Genelec speakers, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Resolve, After Effects.

Color Grading Suite

The color grading suite is equipped with an iMac Pro, an SSD Raid of 16TB, a Blackmagic Mini Panel with Resolve, 32" Dell Screen, Genelec Speakers and a Grey N5 for the wall of the room.

Sound Studio

The sound studio is equipped with 2 Slate Raven, Genelec Speakers, and a 10' x 7' WhisperRoom.

Production Office / Lounge

The lounge offers space that can be utilized by production staff or cast.

Conference Room

We offer a state of the art meeting space that overlooks both Studio #01 and #02 and an 84" Microsoft Surface Hub to help with project planning and communication.

Dressing Room
& Make-up
Color Grading Suite
Production Office Lounge


Motion Control

In the film and Television industry, this has come to mean a field of filming where the camera movement is controlled by a computer so that the motion of the camera, in the studio or on location, can be repeated again and again, for the generation of special effects.

At Modern Studios, we have a BOLT motion control rig named Bert. This rig allows for the capturing of images in crisp focus while moving at high speeds, which would be impossible by hand or any other method. The Bolt High-Speed Cinebot is the fastest of its kind, which allows for an entirely new perspective to filming - whether shooting commercials, tabletop work, film or television.

Max Reach
Max Height
Number of Axis
Speed at Camera
Track Speed


laura-levin Laura Levin
eric-larsen Eric Larsen
carlie-larsen Carlie Larsen, CPA
yenifer-santiago Yenifer Samaniego
nick-lavery Nick Lavery
zack-levin Zack Levin
emmanuel Emmanuel Joubeaud

Laura Levin

CEO / Founder, Modern Studios

Eric Larsen

General Manager, Modern Studios

Carlie Larsen, CPA

CFO, Modern Studios

Yenifer Samaniego

Administrative Assistant

Nick Lavery

Media Conversion Technician, Modern Reflections

Zack Levin

Sound Engineer, Modern Studios

Emmanuel Joubeaud

Artistic Director, Modern Studios

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